how much did you pay for your hdmi cable?

i think mine was ~£15, and i probably spent too much.


sounds about right.

of course, go for the comments:

my girlfriend recently bought me this cable for my birthday and i was immediately excited. i had already purchased a sunBrite 55″ outdoor lcd tv and new that the picture quality was lacking due to the cheap $500 cable that i was talked into downgrading to. this one, at only a little more than 3x the price, would surely take me to another plane of viewing pleasure. oh how right i was…” [you should really read the rest btw]

the funny thing is (and i had to look this up) is that hdmi is an industry standard. that is to say that every single hdmi cable made has to conform to the same number of pins, transmit the same data (ie digital). you can get one on google for £3. there are some people with more money than sense i guess.

unless you’re buying a dedicated link cable to connect your denon equipment.

don't laugh, it's "made of high-purity copper wire"

and it’s an ethernet cable. y’know, the one that’s plugged into the back of your pc to connect it to the internet.


aphex twin – nanou 2

30/40th listen i think. one of the comments on youtube was that it was his last release in 10 years. i thought bullshit, but it’s actually right. he did a bunch of stuff on the analord series but this was the last track under aphex twin. i miss him.

everything about this pisses me off.

tracker - "he must trap the enemy to set them both free."

where to begin. meh, i can’t even be bothered to complain.

oh and it’s set in the boer war, so expect an awesome accent from ray i can barely speak english winstone.

tube +.

think pirate bay meets youtube.

i’ve run out of room to store [totally legal things] and spent a couple of hours wondering whether i should invest in another hard drive. it was kind of spurred on by the fact that someone mentioned they had 12tb of storage (to my measly 2tb). i’m going to have to get a vpn as soon as the d.e.a comes into force, but in the meantime, streaming, rather than dl’ing, might be best.

i hate my life sometimes.

his name is matthew weiner.

yep. christina hendricks and alison brie. so my new plan is to write/produce a sopranos quality show. and then produce something like mad men.

i call it, the sopradmen. it’s about an mobster who gives up a life of crime to become an advertiser for, say, cilit bang. ron howard is attached to direct.

reddit down.

boooo. probably a reason for this mornings posts. a couple of iama’s in the interim.

abed in community.

brooks brown - columbine survivor that was told by the shooters to 'get out of here'

tom dwan. me neither. but he has made a fuckload at the poker tables.

robot exoskeletons and infinite soda.

present version costs $150,000 and has an 8 hour battery life.

this pretty much says it all:

robot exoskeleton helps man walk after 20yrs in a wheelchair…rewalk™ is an alternative mobility solution to the wheelchair for individuals with severe walking impairments, enabling them to stand, walk, ascend/descent stairs and more.

up to 106 flavors.

i present the coca cola freestyle. touch screen custom drinks. we’re getting closer to cafe 80’s.

but at least we survived skynet. again.