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daft punk pyramid.

despite being attached to tron, it's still pretty fucking impressive.

which is a lot better than, say, danny dyer pretending to dj while someone else fixes his fuckups.

nice headphones turbodouche (all credit to etb for one of my new favourite phrases)


Ed the bear meets…

That's him on the left

David Fincher, one of the world’s greatest living directors. He was super smart he astutely pointed out that Ed was a good name for an editor… Nice guy

you can run, but you can’t hide (your ip).

youse mess wid me?

the post read: i got jumped walking between bars and the people who did it filmed it.

so these tards attacked a redditor (beat the shit out of him) and posted the video on youtube. reddit did what it does best (from the comfort of a computer) and tracked the shit out them. before the video and account were pulled they got contact info, which led to email addresses, which led to facebook accounts which led to names and addresses. the op (original poster) was then given all the necessary contact details to pass onto the authorities along with a list of websites they can subpeona.

i think i’ll make reddit one of my emergency contacts.


human interest stories - they cloud the issues and fog the mind.

better than i expected. i assumed it was a mild version of [sort of spoiler] but enjoyed the journey they took and the way they handled it. it’s worth a watch.


doo dah doo doo.

i’ve been loving ‘tim and eric awesome show, great job!‘ and since i was talking about dancing, thought i should include this. it has the best dance instruction i’ve ever heard at 0:32.

made me plotz.

iss silhouetted against the gary busey

the buse'

yep, i was bored of those solar eclipse pictures too.

cheers, /r/pics.

megg hester.

if she has the receipt she can probably take back that ill fitting shirt.

i know i’ve said i’d do a thing about 4chan for ages but it’s getting too big and needs updating.  so instead i’m going to create a new category to post to (need a witty title, suggestions appreciated).

anyway, over xmas i was browsing the 4chan board on reddit and came across this. i just wanted to post it to show you the speed things happen (and of course they can happen a lot quicker, it is xmas after all). you probably haven’t read a /b/ board before – start at the top and just look out for the datestamp of each post to understand the speed:

you really have to feel sorry for her.

this is a perfect example of /b/ to me. look at the posts, the energy involved. look near the bottom, after posting a contact sheet with all her and her bf’s details on, people get bored, want to move onto the next ‘target’. in fact the last comment (on this pic, the board could have carried on) kind of sums up the attitude:

“might as well just keep ringing her bf.”

might as well.

tl;dr – girl goes on webcam, /b/ watches, finds out who she is, abuse follows within the hour. girl is regret.

cheers, /r/4chan