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i cannot believe these went into the comments spam box. why?

hey, 3 is better than nothin.

all the submitters emails are wonderful. my favourite is the top from deshawn cuevas though. classic deshawn.


can’t wait for season 3.

dan harmon talks (a loooooooot) in his ama. seems to be drunkish for a some of it, but it adds to his charm.

what he says about glee is fucking hilarious. and no lazy bones, i won't link directly to it.

westboro baptists get pwned.


the important bits about a recent solider’s funeral (killed on his 5th tour of afghanistan):

a couple of days before, one of [the westboro baptists] ran his mouth at a brandon gas station and got his ass waxed. when they canvassed the station and spoke to the large crowd that had gathered around, no one seemed to remember anything about what had happened.

most of the morons never made it out of their hotel parking lot. it seems that certain rankin county pickup trucks were parked directly behind any car that had kansas plates in the hotel parking lot and the drivers mysteriously disappeared until after the funeral was over.

a few made it to the funeral but were ushered away to be questioned about a crime they might have possibly been involved in. turns out, after a few hours of questioning, that they were not involved and they were allowed to go on about their business.


how much did you pay for your hdmi cable?

i think mine was ~£15, and i probably spent too much.


sounds about right.

of course, go for the comments:

my girlfriend recently bought me this cable for my birthday and i was immediately excited. i had already purchased a sunBrite 55″ outdoor lcd tv and new that the picture quality was lacking due to the cheap $500 cable that i was talked into downgrading to. this one, at only a little more than 3x the price, would surely take me to another plane of viewing pleasure. oh how right i was…” [you should really read the rest btw]

the funny thing is (and i had to look this up) is that hdmi is an industry standard. that is to say that every single hdmi cable made has to conform to the same number of pins, transmit the same data (ie digital). you can get one on google for £3. there are some people with more money than sense i guess.

unless you’re buying a dedicated link cable to connect your denon equipment.

don't laugh, it's "made of high-purity copper wire"

and it’s an ethernet cable. y’know, the one that’s plugged into the back of your pc to connect it to the internet.

i hate my life sometimes.

his name is matthew weiner.

yep. christina hendricks and alison brie. so my new plan is to write/produce a sopranos quality show. and then produce something like mad men.

i call it, the sopradmen. it’s about an mobster who gives up a life of crime to become an advertiser for, say, cilit bang. ron howard is attached to direct.

he certainly has a type.

louise bergoin.

browsing rslog this mo’, the first thing i thought when i read the release ‘the extraordinary adventures of adele blanc sec‘ was – luc besson is hitting that.

celeb gossip. i know. i put it down to a bad nights sleep. too many layers i think.

so here’s a game: the plot summary below has had one element, or elements,  removed by me from his latest ‘film’.

adele is on a mission in egypt, attempting to retrieve a sarcophagus and tote it back to western Europe, but simultaneously attempting to fend off complications wrought by her nemesis, archaeologist dieuleveult. she succeeds on both fronts, but upon returning runs headfirst into another issue: a parisian scientist with the power to heal adele’s comatose sister has accidentally let loose an ancient [                                               ]. while a zany detective and a hunter attempt to eliminate the [                  ], the villains turn up yet again and try to thwart adele’s long-term plans.”

so is it:

a) pterodactyl above the parisian skies

b) egptian malevolent spirit  in the streets of paris

c) leviathan in the waters of the seine

d) all three.

correct answer wins.

lighten the mood.