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my scorpion is sadistic fucker.

he tortured that thing.

he tortured that thing.

i bought him some rather large hoppers as a change from his normal diet of medium sized cockroaches they’re about an inch long, about a quarter of his size. he’s been waiting at the front of his hole for a couple of nights which is his way of saying “feed me you fuck”.

so i put one of them in and it just sat by the pool (water dish). i came back into the lounge later on, turned on the light and saw that he’d caught the thing in his right claw (he’s right clawed) and was just holding it near his mouth taking little bites. about half an hour later i noticed that the hopper was still kicking his legs a bit and trying to get away. he spent the best part of two hours eating it, it last about an hour before it stopped moving. i’m just not sure why he didn’t kill it straight away, then eat it. maybe he prefers it to suffer. maybe hoppers taste better if their sweet juices are poured down your throat by their own death throes. maybe because his vivarium faces the computer screen and he’s seen me pick apart nazis/aliens and has grown accustomed to sadistic methods of killing.

the rest of the hoppers remain eerily quiet.

cheers, wiki.


crickets are idiots.

mwah ha ha.

mwah ha ha.

so its feeding time and i put in three crickets into the tank. the first disappeared before i put the others in, the other two wandered around a bit and then decided to crawl into the darkness. they didn’t come out.

scorpion’s first escape attempt.

first escape attempt


the first night, i didn’t sleep brilliantly. part of that was due to fear of oversleeping and missing my broken xbox ups collection (my third). part of it was getting used to the new noises in my flat. like crickets. i hadn’t expected it but it makes me feel like i’m on holiday.

i remember waking up and hoping everything was alright in the tank after hearing strange noises. i went over to the tank which was covered in condensation, said good morning, and then noticed the marks in the picture.

the scorpion community forum says it’s normal and they tend to explore (they’re nocturnal).

part of me is proud.


as mentioned i did go to the pet shop yesterday. i came back with a glass tank, substrate, a heating mat, digital thermometer, two cork logs, a water dish and nothing else. i went back to the pet shop today and came back with awesomeness. and some crickets.

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why i didn’t buy a scorpion

pandinus imperator

pandinus imperator

or maybe this should be called why i haven’t bought a scorpion yet. it feels like the right thing to do. as soon as i stepped into emsworth aquaria and reptiles the smell took me back to childhood when my brother had a snake and i had fish. that humid, mossy taste in the air with a whiff of adrenaline. seeing the apparently empty glass cases (or vivarium/terrarium iamthedemonamon) with labels like ‘tarantula’ next to them made me feel like i was in the right place. you know there’s something cool in those cases. waiting.

a vivarium is quite expensive to begin with and although i wanted a chameleon, they were tiny. the millipedes looked lame and the cool lizards were out of my price range. as i moved around the shop i got to the spiders and froze a bit. standing in a narrow corridor with possibly dangerous spiders either side of my face was a little unnerving but the webs were amazing. my immediate thought was that i’d forget to close the lid properly one night after feeding him/her and i’d wake up with it sitting in my mouth. so i backed away, saw some more lizards, one of which really wanted a piece of me. he was going mental, biting at the glass – i had to admire him – he was only a couple of inches long, but what enthusiasm.

i looked around the fish but they’re too much work and too needy. so i flicked through the guide to keeping scorpions in the shop and decided i wouldn’t impulse buy and left empty handed.

i still want a pet, and just writing this has made me think of another visit. i’ve spent the last few minutes looking up ‘best reptile as pet’ ‘best spider as pet’ and ‘scorpions as pet’ and i think an emperor scorpion is a good choice. i’m going to head back to the shop this afternoon and ask some questions – not to buy just yet, but i want to be expert before i bring him/her home.

cheers, wiki.