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one of the girls died 6 years ago.

i loved that thing i saw him in.

according to the comments, chloe jones is dead (bottom right). the one in the news recently is top left.

like another commenter said, not entirely sure how you can parody something that doesn’t exist. but i do like that they called him ‘charlie sheem.’

picture link is nsfw, duh.



porno might be running out of ideas.

in the series ‘amateur violations’ i couldn’t help but lol at the screencaps for this particular vid:

link is obviously nsfw.

the description reads: “well well well, what do we have here? it’s a bit creepy watching a girl with a bomb ass body get boned with a bag over her face. what? is she ugly? does she have a fucked up face? like they say “body of a goddess, face from hell”.

i’ve never heard that particular phrasing before and the girl is charley chase (me neither) but she’s been in pron for a while it seems.

i’d recommend the screencaps at least (for lols) because it looks like the entire time she’s trying to stop the bag from falling off her head, making sure she can see out of the moving eye holes, and y’know, having the sex.

my eyes, my eyes, the goggles do nothing.

it was bound to happen. i do like the inclusion of cookie kwan and mcbain though.

cheers, lukeisback.


i thought it would be kinda weird.

doin’ the heff.

cheers, /r/


best quote? "my dad is very upset"

atm can’t think of a good parody, i was thinking “neo, take the pink pill” but seems a little crude.

nsfw link btw.

cheers, adultbay.


leisure suit larry, meet 'eve'

my sex in video games story has come a long way since those risqué days of leisure suit larry series in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. back then i was a plucky <14 year old hearing about it from friends of friends and stealing glances at the cover in sweat-smelling games shops.

i don’t think i ever actually played the series though. by 1994 we had our first modem and were wasting away the hours in my brother’s tiny room asking if there really was a naked picture of deanna troi from star trek available. yes, there was. and we had the upload ratio to have a look. i remember that as my first foray into internet porn. the days of going round to matt’s (can’t remember his surname) and looking at the soiled pages from the daily sport he found in the skip behind his house were over.

soon after naked troi my dad got a slightly faster pc and modem. i would close the door to the office at his house, probably look at and chat with girls online. i started to dabble in online sexy chat using the compuserve interface. there weren’t any video games featuring sexy women and  i remember one evening frantically closing down chat windows when my dad sent in my younger step-sister in to see what i was doing (read: catch me looking at playboy). the annoying thing was, i distinctly remember i was getting further with this girl than i had ever before. over the years i’ve wondered what could have been with emerald2000. would she have gone all the way?

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scenes from the real doll factory

some nsfw.

cheers, kottke.