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i’ve wanted them for ages. i give them to you.

combine the principles of photochromic lenses (change colour with sunlight) and smart glass (change to opaque when electric charge applied).

cheers, wikipedia.



as i make my way through accelerando, i find myself again admiring manfred macx – a venture altruist.

wondering if any of my own ideas could be of use (and i guarantee i’m too lazy to do anything about them) i offer the first to you world. go forth and create.

i call it – flap nav.


pigeon brain implants

with :

satellite navigation


the idea that pigeons use roads/rail to navigate

step 2: create a controllable pigeon that flies ahead of your car guided by satnav transmitting pictures about the traffic and if its safe to overtake around blind corners etc.

step 3: profit.

cheers, charlie stross/danger room/wikipedia/argos/

*btw, 50th post baby.