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aphex twin – nanou 2

30/40th listen i think. one of the comments on youtube was that it was his last release in 10 years. i thought bullshit, but it’s actually right. he did a bunch of stuff on the analord series but this was the last track under aphex twin. i miss him.


alan and emily.

one of the most moving stories i’ve heard. i didn’t full on bawl, but i had wobbly lip at one point. i suggest somewhere quiet, ~20 mins.

another fantastic podcast from radiolab, the same people that did that stochasticity one i posted a while back.

world’s most important 6-sec drum loop.

the narrator is kind of comatosing but interesting stuff. when he shows how it’s been chopped up for pretty much every genre, i was also reminded of this. sample sample:

anti-nowhere league – so what.

i’ve just come off a screenwipe binge and in one of the earlier episodes while talking about ‘celebrity’ he shows a montage (even rocky had a montage) of parkinson. they dubbed it with this. it’s pretty funny and head bangy. lyrics nsfw though.

saigon – give it to me

kind of a holding pattern at the moment post wise, i have a ton of things, but just keep putting it to the bottom of the list.

i’ve had saigon’s new album for a while, it’s okay, but i love this sample.

the glitch mob.

the music from enigma’s video (below, gets going at ~2mins).

childish gambino.

childish gambino is donald glover is troy from community. he’s actually very good. he uses dope samples and his delivery is easy to understand, and funny.

also worth following on twitter. one to watch.