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tube +.

think pirate bay meets youtube.

i’ve run out of room to store [totally legal things] and spent a couple of hours wondering whether i should invest in another hard drive. it was kind of spurred on by the fact that someone mentioned they had 12tb of storage (to my measly 2tb). i’m going to have to get a vpn as soon as the d.e.a comes into force, but in the meantime, streaming, rather than dl’ing, might be best.


f.lux works.

i've been testing it all week.

i didn’t want to recommend this without testing it properly. it’s great and works so well i don’t even notice it anymore.

basically it adjusts the brightness of your monitor to match the time of day. theory goes that later at night your body release chemicals when it gets dark that help you sleep. when you’re ‘starin at the glarin’ (just made that up, patent pending) it’s harder to get to sleep.

protip – check the box that resets the brightness gradually over an hour. otherwise it can be instant sepia browning.

cheers, /r/gaming (was posted as: for the late-night pc gamers, enjoy your happy eyes)

/r/ computer essentials.

here’s the main post.

pleased to see i have a lot of these and have queued the others to play around with. as always, scan the comments for a buttload more.

and here’s a mac list for edthebear.

it’s worth looking at the security stuff. here’s a video i mentioned to iamthedemonamon. luckily i haven’t had to uninstall this from my mum’s computer. yet. i don’t even want to think about the latest version.

best of bootie, 2010

just got it, listening now. there’s usually one or two good tracks.

[edit – errr. make that one meh track from 2 years ago and the worst mashup i’ve ever heard]. the rest are shit.

cheers, bb.

some life hacks.

some dude posted a ‘because of reddit i…‘ topic, full of good links (check comments for a ton more), but the link for the picture seems to be the original.

worth bookmarking and looking over from time to time.

its free right?

“on 23rd august 2009 a group of radiohead fans descended on
the výstavištĕ holešovice exhibition hall in prague on a mission –
to capture the band playing using as many different angles as possible.
bringing together the exceptional talents of many contributors,
here is the result.”

you can download the whole concert in a variety of formats, free. science bless radiohead.

cheers, hukd.

its free right?

talking about philosophy, here’s an audiobook version of this apparant classic. it’s a 900mb download, click rickman.

cheers, audiobookcorner.