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was trolling ‘how do magnets work’ tards on omegle and starting chatting to some guy about beavis and butthead for a while. more episodes than i expected on youtube.




i cry.

realise i’ve posted this picture before, but the video is worth the repost. this makes me tear up every time. listen carefully, and if you’re not drawn in by carl sagan’s voice something is wrong with you.

watch it at least twice. the only other science documentay i cried at the end was roving mars.

cheers, carl sagan.


i’ve been absent of late for a few reasons i’d rather not publish, suffice it to say that time has been holidaying in my hands. instead of productive, effective and useful forays into the 21st century accelerated culture, i’ve been a bit of a troll.

it all started with my good old friend /b/. i’ve spoken about 4chan before and the wild west nature of its activities, but like the sun i’m drawn to it’s spectacular, disgusting car-crash gravity.

i’ve used, abused and been sickened by chatroulette before (see this south park clip for a summary) but it wasn’t until i saw what /b/ had been using it for with a program called manycam that i became addicted.

the premise is this – you use an animation to trick another person that what they are really seeing is your actual webcam. press print screen and hilarity ensues.

i must warn you some of these are incredibly nsfw, verging on thinking that i need some sort of psychiatric treatment, but i’ll explain along the way.

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i remember my first time.

i was working nightshift, on my lunch (aboot 4am) and it was just as it was starting to break.

it makes me think of chan. and what the internet was made for.


worth watching the whole thing. what a channel.

another one via questlove


i was chatting to my neighbour and his girlfriend and she was telling a story of how one of her friends said to her out of the blue, “i was just thinking about when that whale exploded”. i then proceeded to get very animated about how i loved the video, couldn’t believe they did it, ‘only in america’ etc. turns out she was talking about a bit from ‘inside natures giants‘.

still, it’s a fucking great video.


from back in the day, yo.

also, related, and also still gold; remix.

cheers, memory lane/thebackupdvdsimadeon04/06/05


just wait till the end.

internet – what would we do without you?