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edthebear meets…

"best use of an animated dinosaur."



oh god yes. told you we were living in the future.


it's not important what i was downloading.

okay so that 10 day cooling off period where i limit my dls/day may have got abandoned in favour of watching my downloads tab move.

1 mb/s baby. still only 1/2 what my mum gets but around the same as my brother so i’m all good. but 2 years ago i was getting less than 10% of that.
the 1.5tb drive i bought may be slowly filling with the help of utorrent and transdroid.


stop what you’re doing.

do whatever it asks. watch the whole thing.

install chrome (pc people) if you haven’t already. trust me, it’s worth it.

best music video experience ever. you must link it to your shit when it asks, i tried it with both and i’ll never go back. even the webcam.

cheers, tokyomango.


the navy railgun.

“the gun that fired the bullet is the navy’s experimental railgun. the gun has no moving parts or propellants — just a king-sized burst of energy that sends a projectile flying. and today its parents at the office of naval research sent 33 megajoules through it, setting a new world record and making it the most powerful railgun ever developed…with a 1.5-million-ampere spark of light and a boom audible in a room 50 feet away, the bullet left the gun at a speed of mach 8…all that energy was “dump[ed] in 10 milliseconds,” but since there no explosion powering the projectile, why should the railgun have made any noise at all? answer: the bullet went so fast it released a sonic boom.”

it was going 2722.32 m/s.

250 m/s = cruising jet speed

975 m/s = muzzle velocity of m16 rifle

the ultimate goal is to fire the gun at 64 megajoules, making it capable of sending a bullet 200 miles in six minutes. that’s 10 times farther than the navy’s already-powerful guns can fire

cheers, danger room.


i’ll ease back into posting with a couple a day for now. most of it you may have already seen.

but seriously. what a time to be alive.

cheers, [i haven’t got a fucking clue after all this time. probably reddit.]


it takes a while to get going but the last 5 mins are amazing.

“in 1998, kevin warwick, a professor of cybernetics at reading university, became the world’s first cyborg. well, to be exact, he had a radio frequency id implanted in his arm.”

it’s a short video, about 10 minutes, but my mind is already swimming in the future. and i’m jealous. sure i knew i’d never be the first cyborg but i want to be one now. he gives a really nice explanation of the singularity and what the world might be like in the not too distant future. he describes one part of his research as profound, and i’d have to agree. his ideas about the future of communication, based on his research are fascinating. i’m going to be thinking about this for a while i can tell.

watch it, enjoy it.

cheers, bb.