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it’s official, the blog is now closed. i won’t delete it because the links are handy. but if you’re curious, here’s a list of reasons:

1. it’s not worth it.

2. i’m too laz


let the hacking begin.

on tuesday i’m teaching a school full of teachers and lsas on how to use their interactive whiteboards. i’m a little behind on the work so earlier today i sat down to write out the 3 hours worth of paydirt. i chose the social network ost for this track. in motion is playing while he’s hacking the face book pages around campus and it just makes me feel productive. and because my presentation is ict based i get to sit and pretend i’m breaking out emacs and modifying that pearl script (whereas i’m writing user guides on how to create a school dinner self registration flipchart).

moving right along.

ideas please.

all i need is $84 billion.

so i’m starting a company and i have my first job in 2 weeks.

as ceo, coo, cfo, president and junior vice president i feel pretty good about the company’s future and this year’s xmas party.

but i need a name. the business is ict training in schools for teachers so something techy and professional. this is creating a character in an rpg all over again, but, y’know real. and i need it by next week. this isn’t some 2bit operation.


[edit – i’m looking at latin words to do with education (all weak) and names of stars nearest to sol.

procyon sounded okay, but it’s an oil company.]

happy new etc.


and saw this on /r/ today so why not:

cheers, /r/f7u12


it didn’t take long before the first request.

i did fashion a baby monitor out of two landline phone handsets though.

cheers, /r/


steam sale

it's been very good - again.

had an excellent christmas and now enjoying the benefits of not working until next week. between buying and “buying” games the last couple of weeks any other time i do have i choose to spend on reddit complaining about how many games i have to play (along with the rest of /r/gaming – especially this guy). oh and yesterday someone gifted me a game guest pass on reddit. very nice indeed.

oh what it is to be a geek with a computer, internet connection, few social ties and perfect gaming weather.

so if you haven’t already, browse reddit and then we can herp a derp together.


isn’t as easy as i thought

err, having some trouble getting into the posting swing. i keep forgetting and defaulting my spare time to getting back into online gaming atm.

my bad, excuses, blah.