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there’s no head to cut off.

i saw this on /r/ but el reg has a good summary:

hbgary federal has been seeking to uncloak the identities of senior members of anonymous involved in attacks against financial services firms, such as paypal and mastercard, that had suspended accounts run by wikileaks. the security consultancy had infiltrated irc chat sessions and facebook groups used by core members of the anonymous collective. hbgary federal wanted to present its research at an upcoming security conference.

in response, anonymous did a number on hbgary by hacking into its email system and uploading 60,000 emails onto file-sharing networks. anonymous also defaced hbgary’s website with an image explaining their motives as well as taking over the twitter feed of hbgary’s chief exec, aaron barr, to tweet abuse as well as supposed details of his home address and social security number. linkedin accounts of other senior hbgary execs were also targeted for attack.

okay so it’s pretty serious/funny shit. i’d really recommend you read the note they posted on the website though.

this redditor put anonymous quite well:

i think anon might be an outside context problem for them. it’s a real anarchist movement. it doesn’t have leaders, goals, membership. it has no financial goals, it is not profitable, it does not interact with money except in indirect ways. seizing it’s members does not influence the integrity of the whole body. there is no attempt made at secrecy. it’s utterly unlike any ‘organization’ that the powers that be might have dealt with in the past, and it is, collectively, a lot better with computers than they are.

and really, that’s why it’s a good thing.

read through the comments on /r/ for a much more indepth discussion/freakout.


saved by the bell.

school antics by 4chan.

last night 4chan hacked a school board computer system. classic pranks.

* they created a “jesus loves you” week in the school calendar.

* everything on the lunch menu was priced at $9000.

* they expelled and suspended a bunch of students.

* made installing linux a school sport.

* sent a detailed explanation of what linux is to ~2000 parents via sms.

* created a student called ‘b dick licker jnr’ and suspended him for sexual harrassment.

* deleted the register of who has what locker.

apparently the school and the police are investigating…

cheers, /r/4chan