they’ve shut down seti. i feel like crying.

they lost government funding. it only costs $5m for two fucking years.

just the fact that we were looking gave me hope for humanity. that we were looking outside of our own arseholes to wonder at the universe, and imagine what if?

the fact that it costs a measly few million to fund should matter even more. considering in “october 28, 2009, the final size of the department of defense’s budget was $680 billion”. 650 billion divided by 5 million is 130,000. that’s 65,000 years of research. not including interest.

the entire cost of the apollo program (from “hey let’s go into space” to “eagle, shit i just landed on the motherfucking moon”) ,adjusted to 2005 dollars, would approximate to $135 billion. big sigh.

from bob dixon:

mankind must always explore the unknown and push the frontiers of knowledge. without new quests, we lose an important part of being human, and our society starts to decay.

the chances of seti finding anything are pretty much zero. i’ve always known this. i’ve read enough sciencey sci-fi to consider the numbers involved. it was never the point. like neil de grasse tyson says: “if we can’t communicate with lower order species here on earth that we know about, maybe aliens can’t communicate with us for the same reason.”

still sucks though. fingers crossed for google/gates/whoever to pick up the bill.


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