he certainly has a type.

louise bergoin.

browsing rslog this mo’, the first thing i thought when i read the release ‘the extraordinary adventures of adele blanc sec‘ was – luc besson is hitting that.

celeb gossip. i know. i put it down to a bad nights sleep. too many layers i think.

so here’s a game: the plot summary below has had one element, or elements,  removed by me from his latest ‘film’.

adele is on a mission in egypt, attempting to retrieve a sarcophagus and tote it back to western Europe, but simultaneously attempting to fend off complications wrought by her nemesis, archaeologist dieuleveult. she succeeds on both fronts, but upon returning runs headfirst into another issue: a parisian scientist with the power to heal adele’s comatose sister has accidentally let loose an ancient [                                               ]. while a zany detective and a hunter attempt to eliminate the [                  ], the villains turn up yet again and try to thwart adele’s long-term plans.”

so is it:

a) pterodactyl above the parisian skies

b) egptian malevolent spirit  in the streets of paris

c) leviathan in the waters of the seine

d) all three.

correct answer wins.


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