battlefield 3 and some amnesia fun times.

it’s the full version of those clips that have been released but i wanted to talk seriously for a moment. watching this last night i couldn’t help but a) drool and b) wonder at the future of pc gaming.

just look at it. the lighting is jizztastic but what i noticed more was the particle effects and bullet impact. when he’s on the machine gun on the overpass, look at the damage to the road. not the car explosions (which are pretty much as good as they can get) but the holes in the pavement left by the bullets. and they stay there. forever. the buildings are also destructible. now, you may be thinking – wtf bullet holes, who cares about bullet holes? i do. and here’s why.

i remember in 1996 that goldeneye had bullet impact damage, but only up to around 20 rounds. that it to say, you could spray the wall with your klobb and you would see bullet holes, when you fired the 21st round the 1st hole would disappear to make room for the new one. i would try and write my initials in the wall. it comes down to immersion. games are getting to the point (and some already have) where suspension of disbelief is as real as a good movie. the first time i played mirrors edge i felt actually sick. and it wasn’t just me.

mirrors edge

from penny arcade.

for years i’ve been leaning left and right or ducking gunshots when i play, but thats because my brain is an idiot. what battlefield 3 does is provide a visceral gaming experience. yes i looked it up: “ felt in or as if in the internal organs of the body”. i’m not saying that battlefield 3 is a like being in a war, of course it’s not. but by leaving traces of battles (and bodies and burnt out cars) i feel more involved in the game environment, that my actions have consequences. and not the bullshit consequences of say, fable 3 (more morality than anything else). along with character development (which good games have had for years anyway, just ask the tattoos on iamthedemonamon’s arms) and a good story (something lacking in the battlefield series single player experience ) games will become the audio/visual experience. the games industry is already bigger than the movie industry. just think about that for a second. i’ll wait.

so there are lots of confused points here and this isn’t really what i intended to type, but what the fcuk. i guess i’m just happy is all. happy that my longest hobby is doing so well for itself and there are game makers who focus on these types of details. the new crop of indie developers are realising that there is a massive audience for good games. i don’t want to go on about minecraft, but $30m? have you seen it? i played about 10mins before i was bored but jesus christ it has a following of devotees that…well you know that by now.

i was originally going to include this as a hahaha look at that moron video, but it kind of connects the points quite well. amnesia is a game i will never play. not because it’s boring or got bad reviews (85 on metacritic). it’s that it is scary as shit. and i say that as a 31 year old man/child, and accept all the embarrassment that may follow.

in short, amnesia is a game where you wake up and don’t know what’s going on (i think i’ve mentioned it before). anyway, you don’t have weapons and basically have to run away for the whole game. just stay alive. there are hundreds of videos of people being scared shitless by this game (search for amnesia reactions). no thank you. it’s sold over 200,000 copies  (an indie game priced on steam now at £6.49, 50% off) and goes to show that it’s content rather than packaging that pc gamers want. i won’t even play the free demo. fuck that shit. i have a fear that i would act pretty much like the guy in the video does. and if you want to know what the water part is


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