battle los angeles and hobo with a shotgun. and rubber.

looking forward to the sequel.

it was one of the worst films i’ve ever seen. it makes independence day look like goodfellas in comparison. my main issues:

* the aliens are never really explained/explored. there’s a brief mention of why they may be here, but its all of 10 seconds. no ideas about how/where they came from, their history or capabilities. water is mentioned. liquid water is like crack to them or something. but that makes no sense. why not just go to, hmmmm, any fucking planet with ice caps and melt them with your giant alien spaceships. why even bother coming to a planet which will offer resistance (although that’s never really explained either)

* there is no ending. at all. remember the ending of black hawk down, where one of the spec ops guys goes back into the fighting. it’s basically that but worse somehow – oh i know, because you know nothing about the characters and hope that they all die of choking on teaspoons.

* you learn nothing about anything. see alien thing above. there is no message or food for thought. at least independence day had some poorly acted message about humanity and working together and using windows to create alien viruses.

* marines running down streets isn’t original anymore. it’s old. stop doing it please.

* no one has more than 2 lines of dialogue in a row. get down, cover, reload, flank right, incoming. etc. destroys any character development. to the point i was slightly disappointed when the girl in the picture isn’t killed (she was supposed to get to da choppa but was late, it got blown up on take off)

wasn't that bad.

honestly, i’ve seen lot worse. see above. for an indie film with little/no budget and a couple of familiar faces, its actually quite well done. the plot is plain but effective and you are kind of rooting for the guy the whole way through.


i need help with this one. it is weird. the word pretentious kept jabbing me in the brain before i realised the film had only been on for 2 minutes. its hard to explain because the movie is about a rubber tyre that realises it’s conscious and goes on a murderous rampage. but…no i can’t really explain it. i stopped about 20mins in because i felt like i needed to talk about just exactly what the fuck i was watching. it’s french if that helps.


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