the before time. the long long ago.

since that history mindfucks uber-post, i’ve been on a bender.

so here are some must watch/listen programmes:

bbc - the ascent of man

the presenter, jacob bronowski, has a ‘unique’ delivery system (like 10 minute unbroken takes) but information and access is pretty spectacular. there is a slight fear that because of his age/accent he did something regrettable during the war and this is his way of making up for it. but, it’s a very impressive series. stick with it.

civilisation - by kenneth clark

i actually prefer this guy. he is classic grandad material and gives you the impression that what he’s telling you is just the introduction into the topic. it’s a different focus though (what it means to be a civilisation (rather than human evolution in taom). it’s a gentle but informed delivery that tells you what you need to know. his long speeches are broken up with images of what he’s talking about (as opposed to the ascent of man).

both of these are available in their entirety on youtube, but i just dl’ed the torrents. moving swiftly on:

dan carlin's hardcore history.

one of the best factual podcasts i’ve heard. i started with ‘ghosts of the ostfront’ (in 4 hour-long parts). it was unbelievable. about 10 years ago a read a dissertation from a student at west point (us officer training school, yes i was that bored at social services) that focussed on stalingrad and the german invasion of russia. that opened my eyes. this guy’s detail is astounding, as well as his references and quoted material . it took me about 10mins to get over his accent/delivery, but when you do, it’s easy to enjoy.

12 byzantine rulers

exactly. me too. the byzantines…yeaah. those guys with their wacky locations and time in history. this 12 part podcast will give you the facts (i’m on ep 7 now). they’re quite short too so easy to listen to shopping.

ancient rome refocused.

i like this one because i’ve just been cherry picking topics i think i’ll like. e.g. ‘the first thriller’ (about theseus and the minotaur). have a browse.

the history of rome

unfortunately the website blows, so just use a reader instead. i like this one because it’s also short (about 10-15min eps) and there are over 100 of them. listen to the first few, if you’re not hooked (or informed), slap my face.


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