it's called 'shitty wingman'

i laughed anyway. that character is classic fail in star wars and i always wondered why the rebel alliance had a shitty fat guy in the lead attack on the deathstar. but i digress.

reading down the comments, it came to light that the character ‘jek tono porkins’ has backstory. impressive backstory.

a holographic tribute at yavin 4.

with all of the comics and novels set before and after the movie timeline, the canon for star wars is understandably huge. i like this quote:

“you are elite pilots and you are more than just that, but no matter who you are, or how good you are, you’ll never be considered as good as biggs darklighter or jek porkins or anyone else who has died in service to rogue squadron. they are legends, this unit is a legend, and none of us are ever going to be able to be more than they are”

and yeah it’s a stupid name, but you’re talking about george lucas. you remember kit right? from episode 2?  kit…fisto?


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