mind fucks.

this is simply known as 'enjoy your seizure'

it started out as a science one. and there is some pretty impressive knowledge being tossed around the comments (all 2263 of them). it’s cool shit like argon. i didn’t know about argon. you should read about argon.

prepare to have about 500 tabs open.

but the history one. shiiiiiiiiit. 6901 comments. like:

“in a single afternoon (216 b.c.) 50,000 roman soldiers were slaughtered by hannibal at the battle of cannae. a slaughter of this proportion in a single afternoon wasn’t matched until ww1.”


“cleopatra lived closer in time to the moon landing than she did to the construction of the pyramids.”

i love shit like this. i read all of them over a couple of days and will revisit for a few more years i think.



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