i am a.

the iama subreddit is actually pretty impressive atm.

maybe you’ve heard of christopher poole. you might have heard of moot. but you know 4chan. he started it.

heard of notch? what about minecraft? he’s made over $30 million dollars so far. even dan harmon plays it.

the director of indie film, hobo with a shotgun, jason eisener:

the editor of pc gamer, logan decker:

donald glover. (seriously. he is the fucking daddy. i might devote an entire post to him)

the guy bill murray keeps punching in the face in groundhog day, stephen tobolowsky.

the guy who won jeopardy 74 times and got pwned by ibm’s watson, ken jennings.

and although it was in january, stephen colbert.

and there is a shit ton of congress people, scientists, whistleblowers, the google chrome team. it’s pretty amazing as some of the people spend hours answering questions. and you should expect it to pick up in the next few months.


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