i played the shit out of this in scotland, xmas 1991.

hunter for the atari st.

11 years old baby. i remember arriving in scotland late, getting into our sweet ass cabin thing, and then locking dad’s car keys in the boot. along with the xmas presents. i hate to think what the xmas eve callout cost mum and dad.

anyway, the important thing was how good this game actually was.

watch this youtube clip for some gameplay. the narrator is incredibly annoying, but he does point out just how revolutionary it was (through bleeped swearing).

today, i played alien vs. predator for the pc (75% off steam sale) and it sucked balls. there was quite a cool bit where i knifed a guy in the back, lifted him up and he turned his head to look at me as he was dying. but as the predator, you only get 2 vision modes (normal/thermal). wtf?


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