Ed the bear meets…

That's him on the left

David Fincher, one of the world’s greatest living directors. He was super smart he astutely pointed out that Ed was a good name for an editor… Nice guy


2 responses to “Ed the bear meets…

  1. nice.

    fincher or burton?

  2. Tough call, Burton’s decline has been inversely proportional to Fincher’s ascent. Pre 1995 Burton could do no wrong, whereas from 1995 Fincher has been unsurpassed. Although Burton has had the occasional bright spark in he past 15 years (Big Fish and Sleepy Hollow stand out) and Fincher has had the odd miss step (Benjamin Button and Panic Room) I’d have to give it to Fincher on current form. Plus he was a bit more chatty than Burton who just sat there and pointed his green laser at the screen!

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