…but what a douche.

okay, yes, agreed. guy is a tard for the voiceover beginning and all the bullshit production. but just watch him go to work.

i alternated between revisiting medieval war 2 (on steam sale) and breaking 100 pc hours on battlefield this weekend. i had a couple of good games. but watching these videos confirms the fact that i might be past my gaming prime. i only really noticed it the other day (since breaking 31 my body has started to go a little weird – something for another day). my reaction time is sluggish and in quick draw type situations i’m coming off badly. now that might be the weed. it might be that i’m not that good to begin with. or it might be because ‘noobkiller1990‘ & ‘zomgutard1987’ are years younger than me and don’t get out of breath scrolling mouse wheels. it also might be that the other players are tards and he’s exploiting a noob server, but *bangs fist on table sulking* i wanna be better.

than you, at least.

cheers, /r/bc2.


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