worst day of teaching. ever.

ugh, feel like crapola. will give details tomorrow or something, i need a beer.


broke up 2 fist fights (proper punching in face fights) between year 5 boys (10 yr olds)

had to give a warning to a kid after he threatened to “stab up” another boy in the class (again y5)

basically i got pwned by a bunch of 10yr olds. normally i dominate and feel leet, today i feel like a noob.

worst. school. ever.

[edit] god, it’s been a few days and the thought of going to that place fills me with tummy butterflies. unfortunately, i have to go back on thursday (to the same class) and friday (to a year 6 class, normally worse, especially this time of year – think s.a.t.s.). was back at a lovely catholic school today but still had to deal with a douche throwing a tantrum (as well as all his p.e. stuff) after i told him he couldn’t play rugby (tard had been faking a leg injury all morning to get sympathy, then says he faked it, wants to play sports…lol)

on friday i went to an infant school and taught year r (reception, 5yr olds) in the morning, and then got sent to the nursery in the afternoon. when i was told they were sending me to preschool (3-4 yrs), i instinctively made this face:

[that’s a 2011 meme caused by the ‘tide goes in, tide goes out‘ fiasco btw and now stands for any wtf are you talking about? moment]

unlucky for me, i made the face in spitting distance from the headteacher. i tried a recovery but i don’t think it took. so basically i spent the entire afternoon on friday: checking my phone, checking the clock, washing my hands (after touching 4 year olds) and chasing a kid around who had ‘bowel issues’ just so i could fart near him and get away with it. oh, and i was also on ‘mouth watch’ with a girl (oral fixation) who could barely talk but put anything she finds into her mouth to investigate (stones, plastic, etc). after 3 of us were sure she was safe she coughed up a choking-hazard-size plastic bead she had pulled off another child’s shoe. and eaten.

oh and it was red nose day and i was the only one in a school of 300 not wearing red.

2 names to add to the stupidly-named-kids list:

* bo (boy)

* hennessy (yes like the drink, girl)



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