back after half term, teaching year 5/6 (10/11yrs) in a local catholic school. after a shocking maths lesson (some of them couldn’t tell the time) we moved onto science.

i had to bite my tongue as i told the children the activity: to discover the properties of magnets.

you should know the meme by now, but i could barely keep a straight face for about 5 mins. other highlights of the day include:

* pwning some kids about how crap codblops is and how prestige 2 isn’t that good anyway.

* that before half term, the school had a sponsored ‘dress like a teacher day’. a teacher mentioned one of the year 2 kids came dressed as me (year 2 = 6/7 yr olds, i’ve only taught them a couple of times) i guessed the outfit (bald wig, glasses) ding ding ding! there’s a photo apparently so i’ll upload it if i can sneak a copy and blur faces.

* i got the evaluation forms back from the inset training i did. gushing is an understatement. “amazing” “absolutely fantastic” “you are a natural ict trainer” “outstanding” etc. collars are currently being popped. i’ll put the stats in later this week once i table them for an advert to other schools.

* most schools are year 6 sats crazy now, but not this one. we spent the whole 2 hours in the afternoon sewing bunting and making posters for the ‘fairtrade fornight‘. tomorrow is a skipping day for healthy schools and on wednesday i’m taking them around the local area to put the fairtrade shiz up on the streets.

* oh and singing along to tinie tempah when it came on the radio:

i only know the first bit: “these haters couldn’t get to where i am with a full tank of petrol. my uncle used to drink a can of kestrel, when life got stressful

i’m umming and aaahing about another idea for tomorrow. in a 30 rock liz rewards the writing team by having a one minute dance party (couldn’t find the clip but this should give you an idea). i might try the same tomorrow with this:


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