meanwhile, in india.

torrentfreak reports that “star world, a prominent english language television channel in india owned by news corp, has just announced a brand new programming segment. interestingly, it is named after the country’s most popular torrent search engine, torrentz. with ‘torrentz’, which will air the good guys, the walking dead and detroit 1-8-7, the tv-channel hopes to offer a convenient alternative to ever increasing bittorrent use in india.

i like this quote from their press release:

‘torrentz’ is a unique initiative by the channel to curb piracy and relieve viewers from the inconvenience of downloading from the internet. downloading from the net apart from being piracy, is a time consuming process and frustrating for the viewers. by making available some of its latest shows fresh from hollywood, star world ‘torrentz’ hopes that its viewers will enjoy the ‘torrentz’ advantage and not waste their time and energy in the inconvenient process of internet download.

relieve the inconvenience of downloading? relieve the inconvenience of  downloading! relieve the inconvenience of downloading?

okay. here’s my inconvenience. while i’m asleep, utorrent automatically detects new tv releases and downloads them to my hard drive. i wake up in the morning with a little message telling me how busy it’s been while i’ve been asleep. admittedly, the speed is inconvenient sometimes. having to wait 6mins for a new episode? please.

but that just comes from growing up on this:

"this baby can flash fry a buffalo in 40 seconds"

[edit] that ‘relieve the inconvenience of downloading’ repetition was from something, couldn’t remember what. it’s generation kill.


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