i hate this guy. i love this guy.

the gustav is a closed source c++ hack for bfbc2. it incorporates realtime physics simulation to determine potential targets, as well as unique d3d hooking to provide visual cues for the user in the game world itself.

it means that he has created a realtime cheating platform for punk buster enabled servers (anti-cheat servers). his cheating software sits on top of the game itself. it labels all enemy targets and the guns have an autoaim feature (hence the spazzing movement when he shoots).

frankly i didn’t know this kind of thing was possible. obv it ruins games for other people, but in his post the op made a big deal about how it was never going to be released, it’s just a showcase of what he can do.

but man, one round. just give me one round.

his site/the reddit board.


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