ideas please.

all i need is $84 billion.

so i’m starting a company and i have my first job in 2 weeks.

as ceo, coo, cfo, president and junior vice president i feel pretty good about the company’s future and this year’s xmas party.

but i need a name. the business is ict training in schools for teachers so something techy and professional. this is creating a character in an rpg all over again, but, y’know real. and i need it by next week. this isn’t some 2bit operation.


[edit – i’m looking at latin words to do with education (all weak) and names of stars nearest to sol.

procyon sounded okay, but it’s an oil company.]


2 responses to “ideas please.

  1. i want it to be something dynamic sounding so whatever you chose should probably begin or end in max
    e.g. infomax, webmax, maxpower (sadly these are all already taken) how about ictmax? mega-ict? It needs a bit of workshopping, (to the max)

  2. what about megamax? actually that’s a german shepherd dog breeder.

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