he's scared because the snake that got in is next to a fire he accidentally started with brandy. honestly.

ugh. this movie blew. within 10mins i was already shouting at him to turn off that zippo. if you are buried please be aware that you have a limited amount of oxygen. in this case a coffin (approximately 7′ x 2′ x 2′ i’d guess) would only give you a few hours of air before you die of carbon dioxide poisoning (think apollo 13 carbon dioxide scrubbers). the director said:

but the thing is, he’s scared as hell! would you want to sit in complete darkness? if i had a lighter, i would light it. you could use your cellphone for light but then you’re going to waste battery doing that.

protip – if you are in that situation, realise quickly that slowing your heart rate and breathing shallow are essential to extending your life. keep calm as best you can. use the cellphone to get help, and when you do call for help, don’t sound like an escaped mental patient so no one will talk to you.

acting is weak and the director manages to make a movie set in a coffin not feel claustrophobic.

[edit- now watching back to the future 2. god damn this movie rules]

[spoiler, look at address]


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