the greatest trick dubstep ever pulled was convincing the world it should exist.

i fucking hate dubstep. you know this.

i was prepping dinner in the kitchen about 10mins ago when the new britney spears single came on the radio. unfortunately the bathroom radio i bought only seems to pick up bbc radio 1 (which is appalling btw). it was the scott mills show and after the single he said something along the lines of “britney knows what dubstep is because it’s on her record“.

here is the record:

bullshit, i’m sure you’d agree. it got me thinking, does anyone actually know what dubstep is? apart from not being able to dance to it and nothing remotely interesting about the progression in each song (iamthedemonamon may have to help with the technical parlance here). from the wiki:

its overall sound has been described as tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals“. i actually read the wiki and i can’t get away from the fact that there just isn’t much to it and i don’t understand the appeal. i do understand the slippery slope of saying it’s just like dnb or garage or house or whatever, because if you root around any genre, roots roots genre roots.

the best quote i saw was from mrk1, observing that listeners “have internalized the double-time rhythm” and the “track is so empty it makes [the listener] nervous, and you almost fill in the double time yourself, physically, to compensate“.

it just fucking pisses me off is all. and to top it off, some of my favourite dnb dj’s are now included large sections on dubstep in their mixes. which blows popes. my neighbour was complaining he was out at a dnb night and the floor suddenly filled with twats dancing like tards because a dubstep track came on. so i looked up a video. and another. i still have no idea how to dance to dubstep, i do know you look like a twat and stop because of a sense of self loathing. and i wouldn’t do it if marissa miller and heidi klum wanted a jamestwofive sandwich on the flo’. (lie)

okay, girls dancing in pants is always good.

and i like this fat guys enthusiasm at least.

dubstep, please go away.


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