to my darling james.

i recognise this from somewhere but goggles and tineye had nada.

living in a house with 4 flats we sometimes get other peoples mail. not that often.  when it comes i never really pay attention and just open it. especially if it has my name on it. well, the james part anyway. i was curious with this one because a card arrived with a silver seal stamp on the envelope and i vaguely recognised the handwriting. also, over the last couple of months i’ve been lying frequently online in order to get free samples of things (shaving cream, shower gel, teabags etc). and the variation is normally something like my own name.

she seems nice.

so it seems dee and james were naked on the sofa on xmas day and that this relationship is blossoming into something rather special. as misanthropic as i am, i just can’t say no to naked sofa xmases. so when i find the time to walk next door, i might.

and as for this james?

oh, and i get new albums sent through every once in a while. apparently the ex-tenant was a music reviewer or something. if you want them, holla.


One response to “to my darling james.

  1. sounds like a crazy stalker to me

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