a funny commentay. and a reason not to wear a headset if you ever play cod.


those letters seem to encapsulate my joy, excitement and nervousness at getting back into online gaming. and gaming has been the main reason i haven’t posted in a couple of days.

if i said to you: b, 6, 2, b, 4, 1 (or 3) you may think wtf, but now i’m back into counter strike source its the first 2 seconds of every minute played. source is back in my life as are noob servers and being called a fucking dick.  missing easy shots, rage quitting matches and my angry/sad face have become fast friends again.

giant cats firing lasers? sure, i missed you too.

over the last few months i’ve also been suffering ‘steam fatigue’. this means that steam (et al online gaming shops) have been having mental sales for everything. i bought games for 10p. i bought games for xbox live points. i bought games for 90% off. and now i have a massive list of games that i don’t have time to play.

actually i have tons of time. i put in 8 hours yesterday on evil genius. and i have put in 53 hours into fallout new vegas in 2 months.

i dominate, therefore i am.


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