listen to this.

oh die antwooord. i don’t really like them that much, but this track is fantastic. boingboing are super fanboys and that put me off for a while but i caved and listened to the album. and then wat pomp about 50 times in a row.

sure it sounds like they’re saying 5, 4, yellow a bunch of times in a row and rhyming ‘system’ with ‘system’ is yolandi’s big mistake but it’s catchy. “cause i spogue when i spit shit…” etc

i was chatting to some south african friend of a friend at a bar the other day and we got onto die antwoord. he became really animated about how they’re nothing in ‘joberg’ and that if they went out into the countryside they’d get killed or something.

guy was a douche anyway. one of my classic conversation starters “so…have you seen any good movies recently?” led to a minute explanation as to how he never watches movies, i couldn’t have picked a worse person to talk to about movies, he doesn’t watch tv and can’t remember the last time he went to the cinema. for some reason district 9 doesn’t count as a film because he blew his load remebering when he first saw it. and then he remembered that he’s gone to see inception in the cinema. twice.

he’s a “poes” i guess.


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