the navy railgun.

“the gun that fired the bullet is the navy’s experimental railgun. the gun has no moving parts or propellants — just a king-sized burst of energy that sends a projectile flying. and today its parents at the office of naval research sent 33 megajoules through it, setting a new world record and making it the most powerful railgun ever developed…with a 1.5-million-ampere spark of light and a boom audible in a room 50 feet away, the bullet left the gun at a speed of mach 8…all that energy was “dump[ed] in 10 milliseconds,” but since there no explosion powering the projectile, why should the railgun have made any noise at all? answer: the bullet went so fast it released a sonic boom.”

it was going 2722.32 m/s.

250 m/s = cruising jet speed

975 m/s = muzzle velocity of m16 rifle

the ultimate goal is to fire the gun at 64 megajoules, making it capable of sending a bullet 200 miles in six minutes. that’s 10 times farther than the navy’s already-powerful guns can fire

cheers, danger room.


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