and on the subject of reddit.

honestly, i can’t words how much i love reddit.

i’ve been a user since the summer i think and i now probably spend more time on it than google reader. almost all of the bookmarks/feeds i make come from reddit nowadays.

with a tagline like “the voice of the internet” expectations are high. in a few days you’ll realise that 99% of posts you see on boingboing, failblog  et al all pass through the reddit boards first. and i’m not one to exxagerate. only 4chan seems to be closer to the tip of the data-spear.

i’ll get around to writing a gush piece i think (i still have an ongoing 4chan saga to finish anyway) so i’ll bleurgh something break/lunchtime reading worthy before festivus.

so until then, visit. and thank techno that you have a cool friend like me.

on a personal note – someone please spend time on reddit. i have so many memes to discuss and lol at its sadimir putin. and yes, that was reddit too. bachelor frog anyone? forever alone? ffffuuuuu?


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