10 days.

all the broadband shit arrived today. i’ve strewn network cables all over the flat and the lounge looks like a spiderweb of geek silk amongst the festivus decorations. but before i sort out the 100 or so items i’ve been intending to post i have to wait until the line speed has ‘settled’ or whatever they call it.

in reality during the 10 days they see what kind of user you are. normally i am a ‘heavy’ to ‘depressingly attached’ user, drawing in every byte i can. a broadband vampire i guess. but if i can fool them to thinking i am just a bing user (internet retard) i might get a faster line speed. a faster speed means faster downloads and gaming. and this will directly affect my happiness.

before the deluge of posting begins, here’s a good one from work today.

taught a y6 class this afternoon in gosport. i say taught, it was more like babysitting while they made xmas decorations for 2 hours. one of the girls in the class was called mercedes.

a pint to the person who can guess the spelling. (answer after the jump)




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