they use krispy kremes

i’ve posted about the doughnut burger before, but that was a novelty item at a baseball stadium. at this indiana state fair, its a staple. oh, and you can get it with bacon and an egg too.

but i hadn’t seen this one before and i have to admit, it sounds kind of nice.

it actually makes my heart puke.

but this one is the main reason for the post. deep frying is nothing new, but this one. jesus. who get’s hungry for deep fried butter? they also sold “deep-fried sushi, deep-fried dill pickles, deep-fried candy bars, chocolate-covered popcorn balls, root-beer marinated ribs and the garbage burger — a pork patty covered with pulled pork on a bun”. (apparently there was also chocolate covered bacon, but there’s no pic so i’m not sure i believe that one). i smiled when i read that list because we’re getting closer and closer to seeing a real cartman-worthy chocolate chicken pot pie soon. and maybe homer’s patented out-of-this-world moon waffle.

and surely deep fried sushi is just fried fish, right?

cheers, bb


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