should have done sports.

still the $$$$$$ makes up for it.

sports illustrated have the highest paid american athletes for this year. the international list is here.

there’s something gnawing at me about that amount of money these people make. sure, i’m jealous. i’m really fucking jealous. i hear about the money from sponsorship and contracts that these people make, it’s on the news all the time. they get paid bank for doing something they love. but the gnawing feeling i have when i see sports people doing their job is that it looks like really, really, really hard work. don’t get me wrong, there’s a difference between what tiger woods does (walking, swinging arms = $90,508,163) and what david beckham does (running, kicking, jumping = $40,500,000). some sports are more strenuous than others. it’s hard to explain, when i see photos of audrey kawasaki working, i don’t think of it as work, it’s something she loves, the same as sports. she doesn’t earn anywhere near as much, but they both get what they want out of their careers. it just seems easier that’s all. perhaps i’m being naive and that all things you love take hard work. i’m sure it must be hard to be creative and paint for hours on end, but…

okay i really don’t know what i’m trying to say here and i’m having trouble explaining myself. let’s just leave it at: i don’t like sports and am jealous that shaq has made $290 million over his career. but i’d still rather be sitting down.

cheers, kottke.


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