be interested in this.

a few defcon badges.

over at wired they have an excellent gallery from this year’s hacker convention: defcon.

“many of the attendees at DEF CON include computer security professionals, journalists, lawyers, federal government employees, crackers, and hackers with a general interest in computer code and computer architecture. the event consists of several tracks of speakers about computer- and hacking-related subjects, as well as social events and contests in everything from creating the longest wi-fi connection and cracking computer systems to who can most effectively cool a beer in the nevada heat. other contests include lockpicking, robotic-related contests, art, slogan, coffee wars, scavenger hunt and capture the flag. capture the flag is perhaps the best known of these contests. it is a hacking competition where teams of hackers attempt to attack and defend computers and networks.”

this falls just below comicon and e3 in my wishlist.

official site here with more attendee pics here.

cheers, threat level (pic: dave bullock)/wiki


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