it makes me feel warm inside.

i got a new phone yesterday.

it all started about 3 months ago when i went to visit my brother, saw his htc desire and instantly became fist-bitingly frustrated and jealous. he taunted me (as is the norm) and sent me links to lesser phones that i should get. my response, petty? yes, was to buy exactly the same phone.

after some teething troubles the realisation dawned on me that once again i’m at the tip of the information spear after so many years off.  when i’m at a pc i can connect to reader and get my fix, but there was always something missing. if you’ve ever been out for dinner with people who have smart phones, you know what i mean.

i know it’s juvenile and materialistic, but this possession actually makes me feel better. the coin a crappy phrase, i have the world at my fingertips, and i don’t ever want to look back.


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