it’s been a while since i’ve posted and to be honest, i need to purge the growing list. i’m not going to link every poster that’s for sure, but will do imdb. here goes…

12 angry men – great

2012 – crap

batman: under the red hood – good

charlie bartlett – entertaining

clash of the titans – awful (lasted about 30mins)

cop out – okay

dante 01 – average

edge of darkness – awful

greenberg – lame

green zone – zzzzz

hot tub time machine – meh

how to train your dragon – great

i love you philip morris – alright

jcvd – okay

legion – alright

prince of persia: the sands of time – poor

rear window – excellent (i know i should have watched this years ago)

repo men – awful

she’s out of my league – entertaining

shifty – weak

splice – alright

the girl with the dragon tattoo – fantastic

the goods: live hard sell hard – bad

the informant – alright

the singularity is near – interesting

toy story 3 – awesome

unthinkable – dire (lasted about 40mins)

vampire girl vs frankestein girl – fun

youth in revolt – good

cheers, my logitech mx mouse’s one touch search button (highlight a word, click the button and it opens a new tab with google search results). made this way easier.


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