be interested in this.

“the very thing that makes bill murray, well, bill murray is what makes sitting down with him such an unpredictable enterprise. bill murray crashes parties, ditches promotional appearances, clashes with his friends, his collaborators, and his enemies. if you—movie director, journalist, dentist—want to speak to him, you don’t go through any gatekeeper. you leave a message on an 800 number. if bill murray wants to speak with you, he’ll call you back. if his three and a half decades in the public sphere have taught us anything about the 59-year-old actor, it’s that he simply does not give a good goddamn.”

nice interview at gq with bm, funny stuff about garfield, year one. also took a couple of movie recommendations from him – kung fu hustle and quick change.

edit – having looked at kung fu hustle i think i’ve seen it, but…

cheers, chud.


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