be interested in this.

part 2

would you like to play a game of chess?

so you need to know a few things before you start running around thinking you’re david from war games. this post is about protecting yourself. it happens to people every day.

first thing: hide your tracks.

there’s no point trying to hack an email account or facebook account using your computer without a vital part – a proxy or vpn (virtual private network).

i’m sure you’ve had the urge to watch the daily show online or hulu or something and it says content is restricted etc. put simply a proxy acts like a filter that prevents the other company/user from seeing your real ip address (basically a time/location stamp that can only come from your computer). you might of heard news stories where people get caught because the police have their ip address.

there is nothing illegal about using a proxy, just depends what you do with it.

i normally use if i want to watch something in the states or set up a fake email account with a .com address, but you can also use other plugins in firefox and switch between hundreds of different ones all over the world.

a vpn is different and you have to pay for it but they’ll become cheaper as more people start using them to get around the digital economy bill. best explained by torrent freak:

“for a few pounds a month file-sharers can circumvent the digital economy act entirely with a vpn. These services offer an encrypted tunnel between your home connection and an external server and will exchange your IP-address for one in another country where uk laws don’t apply. besides avoiding being tracked by anti-piracy outfits, a vpn will also allow access to all of the sites that may be blocked under the new legislation.

there are thousands of vpn services available on the Internet. itshidden is a popular one among BitTorrent users, but hidemyass and swiss vpn have received positive reviews as well. The Pirate Bay folks offer one of the cheapest solutions, they launched their ipredator vpn a year ago after Sweden passed their new anti-piracy law.”

second thing: delete your shit yo.

some people still don’t know how to properly hide those websites they’d rather not have to explain, and deleting the browsing history in internet explorer or chrome isn’t enough. let me on your computer and i can see every single site you’ve been to, your cookies, and with a bit of time and a couple of tools i used to use – every single username and password on your computer.

the most popular and best cleaner out there is ccleaner.

it’ll take care of everything, temporary internet folder, etc. warning though – don’t check cookies or autocomplete form history (where you click that ‘remember me’ box on websites. you’ll regret it if you don’t know what will happen.

third thing: have at least one other email address for signing up for shit.

spam is a bitch. i am currently rocking more accounts than i’d prefer to mention: gmail, yahoo. com and uk, and uk etc. it’s always best to have a back up or alternate if you don’t want to give out your real email address and get spammed to death.

fourth thing: please tell me you remember the last time you changed your password.

the worst thing you can do is use the same password for everything. i mean seriously think about what someone could do if they had it (and if you use the same password for internet banking slap yourself in the face now please). picture this – if i was your nemesis and wanted to hurt you and i knew your password (or knew enough about you to figure it out), i could empty your bank accounts, harrass your family and friends, send the wrong kind of pictures to your boss or girlfriend/boyfriend – you get the point. i’m going to talk a lot more about that in the next part. as for my passwords i rotate every couple of months, always use letters and numbers. an easy way to do it would be to use the password london, but have it as 10nd0n or something like that. i still remember our old server password from uni hedgehog or h3dg3h0g.

next part: the good, bad and ugly of 4chan.

sneak preview as the site is nsfw. he deserved most of it, will let you more next time:

“since the beginning of the raid adam has been trolled through the following methods:

1) constant phone calls to his home, cell, and place of business

2) black fax copies that have successfully murdered his home and business fax ink.

3) his personal website has been shut down.

4) the provider of his website has been shut down.

5) misc. porn mags are now being delivered to his home.

6) has had dead animals thrown at his house (evidence: testimony by adam on phone)

7) over 9000 pornstars contacted to meet at his home. [fyi over 9000 is a meme]

8) myspace account hacked/shut down.

9) local pizza parlors delivering tomorrow morning and afternoon.

10) at least 25,000 ups boxes shipped to his home and place of business for the next 4-12 weeks.

11) 2000 sq ft of maple hardwood samples sent to his home.

12) condoms & lube for the next 4 – 6 weeks.

13) bibles, korans, and jehovas witnesses scheduled to come by his office.

14) various free samples/products/literature/brochures addressed to his home.

15) gay newsletters.

16) constant harassment and billing charges due to excessive cell phone messages.

17) streams of islamic bibles and dvds with conversion tips have been constantly shipped.

18) male prostitutes have been sent.

19) posters of h1n1 virus posted around his house.

20) posters calling him a child molester have been posted around his house.

21) 2 sites down

22) thousands of postcards and 24hr information hotline for his home phone.”


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