my grandad was cremated today

it was my first funeral.

my dad and uncle were really upset and i didn’t really know what to do and surrounded by people i’d never seen, or hadn’t seen in years and years. it was kind of a lame service (as discussed with mum and brah afterwards) and it lasted about half an hour. tried to support my dad and uncle as much as i could but they were understandably devastated.

afterwards at the wake, we arrived before anyone else and couldn’t understand why. then my dad told me that he saw us overtake him about 90mph (i was trying to catch up with people). the wake was brief and generally just a chance for people to have some food/drinks and chat. i sat with my brah talking about what we normally talk about (games, movies, crap) and they brought us nibbles.

as more people turned up, we made room at the table and i got a seat near this pretty law student and her sister. i hesitated before starting a conversation but then thought it was rude not to because she’s my uncle’s wife’s daughter and i should say hello. after about an hour of talking about pomo and where we both go out, i casually slipped in, “maybe we should go for a drink?” she agreed and we exchanged numbers under the table.

i have to admit i was pretty proud picking up at a funeral, and in the car on the way back to the station my brother reminded of will ferrell in wedding crashers:

and lemme aks you this – is it wrong? feeling a bit unsure at the moment. she’s not a blood relative, but am i committing a moral/legal crime here?

lil’ help.


3 responses to “funeral.

  1. You committed no moral crime; whom did you injure by this? Nobody. The whole point of a wake is to remember in some joy the departed soul and to affirm the continuation of life for all who are left. Life includes nibbles and, of course, sex.

  2. i guess you’re right, i’m planning on calling this weekend.
    thanks for the comment homes.

  3. Nah, do it man, i’ve seen far worse behavior most notably from 2 of my cousins at a family get-together! (i’m sure you can guess one of the culprits)

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