i’ve been absent of late for a few reasons i’d rather not publish, suffice it to say that time has been holidaying in my hands. instead of productive, effective and useful forays into the 21st century accelerated culture, i’ve been a bit of a troll.

it all started with my good old friend /b/. i’ve spoken about 4chan before and the wild west nature of its activities, but like the sun i’m drawn to it’s spectacular, disgusting car-crash gravity.

i’ve used, abused and been sickened by chatroulette before (see this south park clip for a summary) but it wasn’t until i saw what /b/ had been using it for with a program called manycam that i became addicted.

the premise is this – you use an animation to trick another person that what they are really seeing is your actual webcam. press print screen and hilarity ensues.

i must warn you some of these are incredibly nsfw, verging on thinking that i need some sort of psychiatric treatment, but i’ll explain along the way.

here’s an example of an animated gif, i’ve shortened it but its quite convincing for a few seconds at least – i won’t upload them all due to crazy ass bandwidth raping.

jessica alba

had some fun with this one:

the simple thumbs up

the celebrity sighting, they screamed "oh my god it's jessica alba!"

and my all time favourite - see jessica alba - what do you say?

okay, so they were tame. here we go, we’ll start with the hanging man (he sways from side to side) and before you freak, i always said “boo” straight after i took the screen cap.

the shocked - dont worry, i got a thumbs up after the boo.

the jokers

the concerned, he looked for ages before i said boo, then took the screen.

now the porno related. a classic animation.


grossed out

the entertained

the hitler moustache

hookah man - he was taking a drag just as we connected and he coughed for ages. lmfao.

one of my favourites - got a lol from this guy after the initial shock.

the little boy looking for tits:

that's what you get when you tell a kid to go to sleep

the topless chick who waves:

these guys sang me a song, can't remember the exact lyrics but it was something like 'naked chick on chat roulette showing us her tits and waving hello'

a nice surprise

the stranger – lesser known man having sex with stuffed racoon:

face palm.

the controversial, bestial, lassie tosses a salad clip:

he actually smiled for a while.

the girl who actually stripped naked for a 20sec loop of an emo:

i admit, i felt bad.

and i’ll leave the best till last. well, there are a few more but this is becoming a pain in the ass.

i’d seen screen caps and read posts of people who were making blokes do stupid things in order to see tits. mostly putting shoes on heads that kind of thing – all for a looped video that typed back. my personal touch:

i give you the douche who folded his baseball cap and put it in his mouth because a looped animation told him he'd see boobs.

i know at this point you’ve probably lost whatever little respect you had left for me after the first couple. but honestly, i was shaking so hard with laughter i could hardly breathe, even now endorphins rush through my brain at the memory – what a tard.

here’s a guide if you’re curious:

click for bigger version

the shocked – dont worry, i got a thumbs up after the boo.

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