networked teacher

oh baby. the holiday is creeping along nicely and i don’t really feel like i’ve wasted a day yet. i’ve only got a few months left at my shitty school and an interview for an awesome one in a few weeks.

i’d rather not bore you to tears moaning/complaining about work so i’ll illustrate the wrong. the school is so retarded, on the last day of term when most children are bringing in toys, having half days and generally enjoying themselves – we had a normal school day – english, maths etc. i booked the computers for mine to play on in the afternoon and was told that i couldn’t because they need to be learning.

we had an inset day about the new curriculum on thursday and was told that my new topic for the term is volcanoes. fair enough, i like volcanoes and think i could excite the children and get them interested. i then looked down the list of possible topics we could have had: megastructures was one (which would have been awesome). and what defines the twatishness of my year partner and her idea of fun, she chose not to pick – dungeons and dragons. i mean – come the fuck on. i could write the plan for the whole topic off the top of my head. dungeons and dragons. wtf. instead we have to do volcanoes some of which they’ve already been taught (pompeii etc). i’m still really pissed about it. she was off sick on the day and it got to the point where i had run out of ideas for volcanoes so asked if we could change and was told no, because of the stress that would be caused changing topic without discussing it with her first.

you see, i work with a bitch. and i mean a real, mood swinging, stab you in the back in the face, hated by all, control freak and neurotic to the point of abuse – biiiiiiittttttccccchhhhhhhhh. she grasses me up all the time to the deputy head for shit (like booking the computers) and the other nqt’s have said point blank they refuse to work with her. so i avoid her as much as i can and we don’t really talk that much.

but i do have a good time with my class, and we keep that a secret. i normally have solid steel playing in the morning before registration and in the afternoon if we do topic stuff and they all love the music and some of them listen at home – “but only if you ask your parents first”. if it’s got a good beat, we’ll all be nodding heads and there are a couple of children who love to get onto the carpet and show off their dancing skills. last week i got a bit carried away, turned it up just as james brown was being mixed in, informed the children “this track is awesome” and then it clicked that after he sings, get up (get on up), get on the scene (get on up) – he goes on to mention “sex machine” quite a few times. i literally dove across the classroom shouting noise (blaaaahah kind of noise) to try and cover it up, turned it off and realised how close i’d come to being punched in the face by quite a few parents.

on the last assembly they performed songs from oliver, which are still stuck in my head, and lots of parents came to watch (it was standing room only) – probably because most of them don’t work, but it was nice for the children. we also had a pirate day on the last week where we all dressed up (including me, but no pictures) and did pirate stuff.

i took a day off sick a couple of weeks ago because honestly, i couldn’t ever see myself going back there again and went to visit another school outside chichester. immediately i felt like i was in my old primary school. it was fantastic and had amazing things around the school. i said “sold” to the deputy head after she showed me the fire pit and logs where they have camp outs. i spent ages on my application and got a phone call on friday thinking it was iamthedemonamon (an 01243 number) so answered “yeeeellllloooooowww” as usual, only to find it was the head teacher inviting me for an interview.

so if i get it, i just have to put up with the awfulness factory until the end of summer and start fresh in september.


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