i resign in may.

i had last monday off because the boiler at school wasn’t working. so we stood out in the cold turning away parents and children. we then went back inside had a meeting in the freeze then they told us to stay and do planning etc. it was 5 degrees in one of the classrooms and the small portable heaters they had were only good for tripping all the switches and causing a power failure.

so we went home and didn’t do much. tuesday was a normal day at school and then came the snow. it wasn’t that bad so i drove into school to find that it was empty and saw the site manager who told me they’d shut it because no one could get in (lots of pomo schools did the same). i turned my phone on and saw the message. that was lame. on the plus side it meant i was back home by 9am and dominating battlefield 1943 by 9:30am. later that day i found out we had thursday off and sometime on thursday i found out i had friday off too. it was nice i won’t deny it, but didn’t really feel like having another week off. anyway, i spent most of the time hoping that someone would fail outside my window on the ice (it happened twice), i read two books and used my slow cooker for the first time (8 hour beef baby).

i sacrificed some goats and such in order that it would snow again today but no such luck and i dragged my ass into work. i caught up with another nqt, whom i regularly share venting of ‘god this place is wank’ / ‘i don’t want to be here’ with, and she told me that the year 5 and 6 teachers weren’t staying next year either. i suggested that the other year 4 teacher was leaving (she’s been dropping hints for a couple of weeks) and then it struck me. the nqt’s are going for sure (me included) and now the other senior staff might be leaving too. that’s every single teacher, other than the deputy head. the ultimate humiliation for the head teacher (who doesn’t actuallty teach). wtf indeed.

and then there was assembly, a crystallising moment. the dullest, most embarrassing fucking shit ever dude. he plays classical music as a way to ‘settle’ them as they come in which only goes to serve as a cover for them to talk. throughout the assembly kids were talking, whispering, laughing, turning around- honestly, i’ve never seen anything like it. you have to lock that shit down in assembly by any means necessary, especially in a school with bad behaviour. he looked exhausted and the assembly served no purpose (going over the school charter – which i, along with the other teachers, don’t know or quote to the children). it was compounded by the fact that we teachers (who normally help control behaviour) didn’t do shit. it was a sign of our committment that we just sat there exchanging looks of our mutual boredom. personally i was fantasising about quitting, as i often do. a rewarded “screw you guys, i’m going home” – or “fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool – fuck you and i’m out”.

when you’re sitting in a meeting after school thinking (in a positive way) about being in a coma as a way to avoid work, or quitting and moving back in with your mum, you know it’s not the right jay oh bee. when we did come back last monday, a year 6 teacher tossed into the start of the meeting that she had thought about breaking her leg so she didn’t have to come in. an nqt then said “i thought about crashing my car!” – you could see the shock from the head teacher as he exclaimed ‘what!?!’ – of course i’d thought the same thing, but mine was to burn down the school (i never would of course, the layout would render any single fire useless and you’d have to start multiple fires across the school – that’s just too much organising and logistics – i’m much more of a ‘throw a molitov and see’ kind of teacher).

so there it is, a reason for the lack of posts and probably a reason for a lack in the future. i’m sure i’ve said it before but the gift that accompanies the punishment is the other nqt’s – being able to share (read: bitch) about school on a daily basis keeps us all sane.

the earliest we can resign is may (we have to stay, it’s an nqt year which is a probation but would look really bad on a c.v. if you left 1/3 of the way through) and the jobs haven’t started appearing yet.


cheers, tomorrow.sg


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