just seen a reality kings clip. set up is that guy goes into a dentists office, assistant bends down to get something and he grabs her ass. she freaks and says “you know that’s totally unappropriate, you know i could sue you for that”. she goes off and talks to the dentist. the dentist then freaks and says “that is like, totally unacceptable, that is like not tolerated in my office ever.” digging deeper to find out what happened she outrages that it’s “completely inacceptable…we should go in there and teach this young gentleman how things are ran in this office.”

they start the check up and brilliantly acted (with tools and everything) the dentist says “yeah we’ve got some inclusions going on, we’ve got tooth number 4, number 5 – we’ll need to put a watch on those teeth if you can make a note for me please.” teeth 4 and 5 eh?

don’t get me wrong, i enjoy the patter before the porn in these things, it’s normally tongue in cheek. but this time i lol’d.

(and btw about 5mins later she gets the dental lube out.)


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