borderlands & left for dead 2

borderlands & left for dead 2

aaahh steam. how much i love thee. i used to hate thee and remember lengthy conversations with iamthedemonamon and sleepingsloth about how shit thee was (about 5 years ago). but since i’m back online properly and getting legit games cheaper than usual (via steam), it’s so fucking sweet.

borderlands is excellent. i haven’t got the time to play dragonage and am not really bothered about call of duty mw2 yet, it’s a perfect combination of fps and rpg. i’m the sniper character. bloodwing is my hawk and there is so much fucking loot in this game it’s unreal.

left for dead 2 has changed the way i play online games. the cooperation element is unbelievable and i’m a little bit sad i’ve only just started playing, having missed out on so much in lfd1. saving and being saved from zombies is truly rewarding and the valve have already created a couple of unforgettable gaming moments.

in short, buy them both.

and yes, i still play battlefield after work. these 2 are just for the weekend.


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