i hate my job

i hate my job

and it’s not just me.

some highlights from this week:

i was observed on monday teaching maths. awful lesson. told it was my fourth unsatisfactory observation in a row, if i fail the one on tuesday i have to extend my nqt year. another nqt got told the same thing yesterday. she said if she fails the next one she’s walking out.

we (all 4 nqts) have all cried this week for one reason or another, mostly due to the fact that we’re shit. and are told so on a daily basis exactly what we’re doing wrong. to be clear, we’re also given advice on how to fix it, but there’s literally no time to do it.

none of us want to be in school and we don’t intend to stay for another year. one is already looking for another job.

basically, we’ve had enough bullshit.

i’m forming a plan. and it sounds like schmutiny.


cheers, starupnation.


3 responses to “teach.

  1. not mutiny from teaching as a whole, surely? this was not happy reading at any rate. whatever happens, stay/not stay/major shift in direction, i hope things start picking up sooner rather than later chief. word.

  2. not teaching, just the school.
    mutiny against the head/deputy.
    fight the power.

  3. will the revolution be televised?

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